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High School – Scott Holdsworth –

Information cannot replace education. ~ Earl Kiole

Every child deserves an education. There are few rules to live by in this school.  However, complying with these rules is essential to the success of the Achievement School.  I hope the time spent in this school is a rewarding experience.  This is an alternative that, if utilized in a positive way, can be a rewarding experience for your child.

Each student enrolled is also enrolled in the APEX Learning  Program .  APEX is an on line academic program that will assist students toward completion of classes to move them to the next grade level.  Much of the time at the Achievement School is spent on line working toward the completion of the academic classes.  Additional time is spent in group activities designed to build self-esteem, friendship and cooperation among students.  Participation is required. 

The Achievement School is not designed to comply with or work in accordance with the Greensburg High School Achievement School.  Start times, dismissal times, breaks, and activities do not coincide with the high school program.  Daily discipline (rigor) is designed differently in the two program levels.  Expectations, activities, and design are set to benefit our student age and grade level.

The Accelerated Reader program is required reading for Achievement School students.  Time is set aside each day for reading when activities and time permit.  Students read books as a group.  They are not required to read aloud.  The book is read to them.   Students will take AR tests and maintain a record in their required school portfolio.  Their progress will be monitored by STAR Assessment. 

Cell phone use is not allowed.  It is best to leave their phone at home. If you choose to allow your child to carry the phone to school, the two of you have the option of placing the phone in a secure area when entering the room. It will be given back at the end of their day.   If a student has their phone out, a parent will be called to pick their child up from school for the day.   Further incidents will be handled accordingly. 

Students are expected to treat others with respect, and enjoy or receive the same respect from fellow students and staff.  They are to comply with teacher requests and instruction.  Failure to do so may result in parents being called to pick their child up from school for the day.   Further incidents will be handled accordingly.

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