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Registering for Classes

Schedule of Classes

  • The Schedule of Classes lists all courses offered at IUPUC, days and times classes meet, how the class is delivered (on campus during the day or evening, off-campus in Seymour or Greensburg, online, or a hybrid of online and classroom sessions), and notes about prerequisites or special conditions for course enrollment.

Academic Calendar

  • The academic calendar lists important dates and milestones during each semester that impact student attendance, grades, and course outcomes, including the dates by which you must withdraw from classes to receive full or partial tuition refunds. It also includes holidays, breaks from classes, final exam weeks, and dates when grades are posted.

Proof of Enrollment

  • Insurance companies, scholarship committees, and lending agencies often require enrollment certification to verify that you are enrolled at IUPUC and attending classes.

For more information visit our website at http://www.iupuc.edu/academics/class-registration/